An essential app for every swim coach

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Available for free for a limited time on the iOS and macOS App Stores.

Workout Creator

Neon Swim allows coaches to create and analyze workouts directly from their iOS device. The app provides real-time data such as the total time and distance of the workout. When you're done creating a workout, Neon Swim will generate an intuitive, easy-to-read PDF that coaches and swimmers can easily follow. Click here to view privacy policy.

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Beautiful PDFs With Just A Tap
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With a single tap, coaches can create, print and share PDFs of their workouts. These PDFs are great for swimmers, and provide an easy way for them to read, understand and perform the workout. In addition, Neon Swim analyzes the workout and lists things like running time, sets distance totals and even gear needed to complete the workout.

The Best Stopwatch For Swimming

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Neon Swim includes a built in stopwatch that is designed just for swim coaches. The simply layout shows both the total running time as well as the split time. Splits are in the table below the stopwatch and laps can be removed from the list with new split times being automatically calculated.

Power Save Mode: Use Your Stopwatch All Day
While practices may last a few hours, swim meets can last all day and using a stopwatch app on a phone all day would significantly drain the battery. Power saver mode dramatically reduces the power usage to extend battery life. Enable low power mode to use the stopwatch function all day without having to worry about charging your phone mid-session.

Tests have shown power save mode to extend battery up to 1.7x compared to other apps coaches might normally use.

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*Tests performed in December 2018 on an iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 12.1, OnDeck 6.35.26 and Neon Swim 2.6.
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Dual Stopwatch: Time Anything And Everything
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Have you ever needed to time multiple swimmers at once? The dual stopwatch mode allows you to view, control and save splits for two stopwatches simultaneously. Need a third stopwatch? You can continue to run the larger single stopwatch in conjunction and switch between all of them.